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Organizational Endorsements

Treatment First WA is a coalition of experts and community leaders who support replacing failing drug laws with a public health approach – treatment, recovery, and education.

Our current approach to drug use is failing. Decades of treating personal drug use as a crime has only made matters worse. Our current drug use laws can ruin lives based on a single mistake. Possession of even a small amount of drugs can land someone in jail and saddle them with a lifelong criminal record that prevents them from getting a job, a student loan, or a place to live.

We need a better approach. We need to stop wasting money and time on a broken system and reinvest in what’s most effective, which is better access to proven substance use disorder programs and services.

It’s time to redirect some of the marijuana taxes we’re already collecting to treatment and recovery services, stop arresting people solely for their substance use disorders and saddling them with criminal records, and connect them with appropriate health and support services instead.

To endorse the Treatment and Recovery Act, fill out this form. Please upload your logo for use when listing you as an endorser.

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