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We need a better approach.

We need to stop wasting money and time on a broken system and invest in improving access to treatment and recovery services. We need to address the root causes of substance use disorders with programs and services that actually work. We need the Pathways to Recovery Act.

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What Leaders Around Washington Are Saying

Carmen Pacheco-Jones
Carmen Pacheco-Jones
"I credit treatment, not jail, with helping turn my life around."
Ret. Police Captain Les Liggins
Ret. Police Captain Les Liggins
"We need a public health solution to substance use disorder."
Molly Carney, Ph.D
Molly Carney, Ph.D
"Arresting people doesn't help them recover from substance use disorders."

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Announcing the Pathways to Recovery Act - Washington State HB 1499

February 04, 2021

The Pathways To Recovery Act (HB 1499) proposes a new, common sense approach to improving public safety by eliminating ineffective and destructive criminal penalties for personal use and expanding proven treatment and support services for substance use disorder, which is a recognized health condition,...

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